Program LIFE 2014-2020

 This project is co-funded by the European Commission within the LIFE 2015 Financial Programme

A Low Emission Zone (LEZ) is a defined area where access by certain polluting vehicles is restricted or deterred to improve air quality.

A “Noise Low Emission Zone” should be intended as a LEZ where noise aspects must be considered, benefits must be also evaluated in terms of noise pollution and synergies between noise and air quality issues are defined.


1. Introduction of an easy-replicable method for the identification and the management of noise LEZ, tested in a pilot case, the Libertà District of the city of Monza (Italy).

2. Implementation and testing of:

     a) specific top-down measures, coming from Public Administration's needs (e.g. concerning of traffic management actions and road paving substitution in the Libertà Street, characterized by significant heavy road traffic);

     b) bottom-up measures, coming from end-users’ input (e.g. encouraging the use of bicycles instead of cars).

3. Reduction of noise levels in the Libertà district, with positive effects also on air quality and, as a consequence, on health indicators.

4. Involvement of people in an active management system of lifestyle choices, related to the reduction of noise and the improvement of health and air quality in their living and/or working environment.



The general expected result is to deliver a guideline describing an easy-replicable procedure for the definition, identification and management of Noise LEZ.

A new smart noise monitoring system will be designed and long term tested into the pilot case area.

An Application for mobile and pc will be developed and tested to manage voluntary actions, to “measure” benefits and concrete changes in people lifestyle, to be transposed in a bonus for citizens.

The expected results in the pilot area of Libertà district are an improvement of environmental aspects related to noise and air quality and, consequently, an improvement of citizens’ health. In particular, it is estimated:

        ✓ a noise reduction and an improvement of the air quality in the areas close to the Libertà street due to the introduction of the following interventions in the Libertà street:

a) a new low noise paving,

b) truck's limitation;

c) significant reduction of the lanes by introducing two pedestrian crossings provided with safety islands;

d) limitation of vehicles' speed (50 km/h);

  • a general reduction of road traffic flow in the Noise LEZ as a result of the bottom-up actions;
  • a general noise reduction and an improvement of the air quality thanks to the reduction of road traffic flow and the increasing of good practices awareness;
  • a specific noise reduction next to schools as a consequence of the App use;

Finally, a web site will be developed from the beginning of the project for sharing materials and results with all stakeholders during the project and after the project's end.